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GREENCARE 13: 27:27 for sustained high yield of quality crops




Greencare is a Water Soluble Fertilizer Concentrate with a unique combination of special ingredients sourced from fine chemicals of high nutritive value based on internationally accepted formulae.

  • Induces early flowering, increases number of flowers, nuts and fruits.
  • Prevents premature shedding of flowers, fruits and nuts.
  • Increases size, quality, quantity, aroma and juice content of crops.
  • Keeps plant healthy from pests and other diseases.
  • Sustains natural taste of fruits and vegetables.
  • Increases resistance to harmful environmental influences.

Application: Dissolve 1 tsp full (5 g) Greencare in 10 litre of water (0.05% solution) for infant plants and 5 g of Greencare in 5 litre of water (0.1% solution) for mature plants. Apply the solution as often as watering is required by spray, drip feed or manual methods.


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