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The bio shredder R95 is both a hobby and a semi professional machine available with a three phase electric engine , petrol engine or a tractor version with 3 point linkage.



The R95 is suitable for small pieces of garden waste, hedge clippings and small pruned branches (of a maximum diameter of 70 mm) resulting from maintaining small green areas. The material is fed into only one wide hopper and is shredded by a cutting group formed by a front cutting blade which enacts a first shredding , while 8 back mobile hammers refine it further by means of a mobile sieve. The 4 rotary blades at the back of rotor eject the material and create a strong suction inside the hopper which facilitates the descent of green material and leaves. The discharge 116 cm from the ground is obtained by means of a pipe which ejects the material in a wheel barrow or in a container . The belt transmission for the engine version and the transmission with flexible coupling for the tractor version make the R95 bio- shredder particularly safe even if material of excessive size is accidentally introduced. Built in a simple and sturdy way , it is easy to handle and move by means of its two big wheels.


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