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The bio- shredder R240 is a very compact professional machine with an innovative multiple cutting system formed by a special rotor with 16 mobile hardened steel hammers, 4 fixed steel blades placed on the edge of the rotor and 4 buckets inside the rotor for ejecting the minced material .



This new cutting system allows the operator to introduce in the hopper material of large and small dimensions, with no need to tear apart small branches from the main branch , assuring a very high output per hour. The direct ejection of the shredded material through the rotor, without the use of an additional fan and of a related transmission system, reduces noise level and makes maintenace operation fibrous such as, for example palms, pines, linden etc. to cutting group up to a maximum of 90 mm of diameter material . R 240 is a compact and powerful machine, easy to use.


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